Galapagos is a band that stops you cold. How has there never been music like this before? How are they already so damn good at it? At a little more than a year old, they've solidified a spot as one of the best, most inventive bands in town, and have cultivated an impressive resume from the start. With each member having an incredibly diverse musical background, Galapagos decided to throw out the rulebook and create truly moving compositions that embody the explosive, wild, ever evolving terrain that their namesake implies. By cutting loose the limitations of funk and rock while retaining their spirit, the band is propelled into truly untrodden territory where the old rules don't apply. Many have taken a shot at describing this new sound (progressive funk; modern-classical jazz funk; the sound of Claypool's Ghost; math-funk, etc.) …... I call it refreshingly smart dance music.

Galapagos is looking to book dance clubs, bars, pubs, festivals, community events, private parties and weddings, and other events.  For booking inquiries, email


Keyboards/Vocals:  Kendra Hackett

Guitar: Ryan Nutter

Bass: Matt Taggart

​Drums: Nick Robinson